How long does the description of our hero have to be?
Only a paragraph or two. Long enough to give us a good understanding of why you are nominating them.

Is this truck up for purchase after the giveaway?
No This is a one time opportunity!

Can I nominate myself?
Yes! Just make sure to include your story.

Does my nomination have to be a member of the military?
We are taking applications from a large array of those who have served. Active duty, Veteran, Law Enforcement, EMS, Coast Guard, Border Patrol or Firefighter–anyone who serves the American people in some capacity is viable for nomination!

What happens if my hero is chosen as a finalist?
Rocky Ridge Trucks will fly your hero to the NADA show in Las Vegas for the random key drawing!

Is the giveaway truck handicap accessible?
Not currently, however we can address that should the need arise.

If my hero cannot make it to the NADA Show, can I accept the truck on their behalf?
Yes. When we reach out to you after reaching the finals, please make sure to communicate that to us.

What package is on this truck?
This truck has the base Altitude package, but does come with a few extras.